5 Easy and Helpful Tricks to Teach Your Dog

So you’re looking for some new tricks to teach your dog. You’re in the right place!

There are tricks that are cute but there are others that are incredibly useful in your day to day life. In this blog post, I want to tell you about 5 easy and helpful tricks that you can teach your dog.

These tricks are more than they seem. By this, I mean that they can be used for a variety of situations, including helping you manage your dog’s behavior.

Make sure you also read about the basics of teaching your dog any trick.

1. Watch Me

For me, this is the first and most important trick to teach your dog. It’s the best way to get his attention and it’s so easy to teach.

Getting your dog’s attention whenever you want is the first step to control your dog’s behavior. It will allow you to immediately divert your dog’s attention. You can use this whenever he starts pulling on the leash or beginning to show signs of aggression.

This trick is also the first step to dog training and teaching him all sorts of tricks. You can’t train a dog that doesn’t pay attention to you.

When performing this trick your dog should look up and keep eye contact with you whenever asked.

How to Teach It

If at any point, your dog is not able to keep eye contact with you as long as you want, it means that you’ve progressed too quickly. Go back to practicing shorter times and build back up again.

2. Off

This is another incredibly useful trick to control your dog’s behavior. This trick focuses on stopping or preventing bad behaviors.

It’s also an essential command to establish boundaries with your dog. That way your dog knows what he can and can’t do around you.

In this trick, your dog should stop whatever he’s doing or back away from whatever he’s interested in.

It can also be used so your dog drops whatever he’s holding in his mouth or jumping down any piece of furniture.

How to Teach It

3. Place

As an owner of an overly excited dog, this trick is one of my favorites.

Whenever your dog is so excited that the “watch me” command won’t do, this trick comes to the rescue.

When teaching your dog this trick, he should go to a place you choose, lay down, and only leave when you call him. It’s like you’re sending him on a “time out”.

You can choose any place you want. In my case, I found it easier to pick my dog’s bed.

It’s important that your dog knows to not get out of his place unless you call him. If he acts overly excited after you release him, send him back again until he’s calm.

How to Teach It

As with the “watch me” command, if your dog gets up before you tell him to, go back to a shorter time and build back up again.

4. Come

This one is especially important if you usually let your dog off-leash in a park and let him wander around — or you would like to do this.

Each time you’re telling your dog to come to you, don’t forget that you’re asking him to stop whatever he’s doing. And while in a park, he can be up to some pretty interesting stuff.

This can be something very hard to do, so it’s very important that you keep practicing daily. It’s important that you start in a controlled environment and slowly progress to places with more and more distractions.

Make sure you don’t ruin all your work by unintentionally punishing your dog for obeying. I mean telling him to come to you so you can give him a bath, medicine or do anything else that your dog finds unpleasant.

How to Teach It

5. Find it

This is a great trick to keep your dog distracted and active for a while.

It’s a great tool to help nervous dogs to relax around new people or in unfamiliar places. It’s also a great way to help overly excited dogs channel their energy and calm themselves down.

“Find it” is a great mental game for dogs. It provides mental stimulation as it encourages your dog to search for something — a toy or a treat.

How to Teach It


We all love it when our dog is able to perform tricks. If they can be useful, the better!

These tricks are the perfect starting point for your dog. They are easy to teach and will make training your dog feel like a breeze.

Never forget that, with dog training, consistency and patience are key!

Don’t stress out if it seems that your dog regressed in learning a trick. Go back a couple of steps and build it back up.

Training your dog is a big part of owning a furry friend and it also helps in creating a strong bond with him.

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